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Portfolio of Work

Projects Worked On

App Development

I have worked on a variety of development projects ranging from Java and Python apps to Full Stack websites. I have also built large scale mobile apps. 

Feel free to checkout my GitHub account.

Image by Caspar Camille Rubin

Machine Learning

I am currently working on building out machine learning models to make informed decisions. I have worked with COVID-19 data and Wikipedia NLP datasets. 

In doing so, I was able to create Naive Bayes Classifier, KNN models, Lasso Models and LDA Topics of Discussions.


Cloud Based Technologies

I have a ton of AWS experience in leveraging multiple instances across various environments. I have worked with EC2 instances and Docker based deployments in the cloud. I also deployed multiple RDS instances along with proper security access controls.

Cloud based technologies will continue to grow at a cost affordable rate. 

Image by Bryan Angelo
Portfolio: Portfolio
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